Absolutely perfect, you have captured Wilson so well! Your passion for drawing so obviously comes through in your work and I am delighted that I selected you to undertake this piece. I cannot imagine anyone getting it any more perfect. I look forward to seeing the picture in the flesh, it brought a lump to my throat seeing it on email - I knew that it would be fantastic from looking at your previous works but really could never imagine how fantastic. Once again, thank you so much - it will be treasured for a lifetime.  Claire


WOW! I absolutely love it!!!! It is so HER, you have captured Tina perfectly! The eyes are flawless, I see my Tina in every part of this portrait. Absolutely perfect!I cannot wait for my partner to see this! Thank you ever so much, I wanted this gift to be extra special and it is even better than I could ever imagine.  Alicia


It was so lovely to meet you this morning! A HUGE thank you for the most amazing and breathtaking portrait of Ally. I can't wait for Rod to see it.  It is truly perfect. Beata

Puccini, Pricy, Dinky, and Tiger

Dear Tricia - What a wonderful talented lady you are.
The fantastic portrait you have done of our lovely cats brought tears to my eyes. You have brought them back to life, and I cannot thank you enough. All my family are so impressed by your amazing talent. Thanks again, lovely lady. I highly recommend you to all. - Sheila


Hi Trish - I want to thank you so much for my lovely portrait of Woody. I shall be taking it to the framers in the next few days, and can't wait to see the finished result! Love Helen.


When we saw our portrait of Reedus for the first time, both my Mum and I were in tears. Reedus himself could have been right there in front of me. You captured him perfectly and I am just so happy and over the moon with his portrait. I had no doubts that he would be anything other than perfect as we also commissioned you to do a portrait of our Dachshund 'Charlie' which was also stunning. You are an amazing person and I can't thank you enough for what you have done for us. I will definitely be asking you for more portraits in the future. Thank you xx - Hana.


Dear Tricia - Very many thanks for the brilliant artistic work you have shown in the portraits of “Moley” and “Chloe and Tigger”. We never imagined how well you have captured the “character” of each of our animals. The portraits have pride of place in our hall. So deserved. Thank you. Angela and Clyde.


Dear Tricia - Caroline wanted to open her birthday present before her holiday, so I gave it to her at the weekend. She was as impressed and overwhelmed with Monty’s portrait as I was, and indeed shed a tear over it. Thank you so very much for your professionalism and attention to detail, the portrait is just perfect. David.


The drawings of Nala are just simply wonderful. We could not have wished for a better result! You have really captured her character which we think is very tricky to achieve. Just beautifully done.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Neil and Judi.


The portrait you created of Hudson blew me away! We went from the dog who hated the camera to the action shot you managed to capture in your back garden! We wanted to get a picture that summed him up in personality as well as body and you definitely did that. I cannot thank you enough and would recommend you to everyone! Dara.


Hi Tricia, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for our picture of Simba. It is the most amazing drawing of Simba and has pride of place in our house. You are extremely talented. Thank you so much! Tamsyn.


Thank you, Tricia, for this lovely drawing of our Honey, with her purposeful face on! It is a joy to remember her by. I very much enjoyed the process of this commission and in discussing with you which picture to use, there were so many, you did a fantastic job! Thanks again, it is a beautiful drawing! John.


Thank you, Tricia. I love love love it! The portrait is just amazing. I cannot put the emotion I feel into words. Look forward to being in touch for another commission in the future. Many many thanks. Dawn


Your drawing of Lucy is absolutely beautiful and reduced me to tears. Thank you so much. She had such a miserable existence and this is a fitting tribute to her struggle and to the happiness she has now found with my family. Thank you so much xxx Tricia.


It hasn’t been easy these past weeks, but the appearance of such a dear and faithful portrait of Chilli brought great comfort. You are enormously talented, and your attention not just to detail but also to soul shines through. Thank you. - Claire


I feel that Grace is following me around the room - her watchful eye on me! Honestly, you really have captured her beauty and personality. You are a lovely lady with a truly amazing talent. I can't thank you enough. Cath and Grace.


Trish, you have captured my dog so perfectly! My Mum was thrilled by the portrait, it now has pride of place on the fireplace! You have such an amazing talent and I recommend you to anyone who wants a portrait of their pet, as you are able to capture their personality so incredibly well. Amy.


The portrait you took such time and precision on, of our dear Zakk, is an absolutely beautiful and very moving piece of art. Not only have you captured the detail, you also portrayed the portrait with such life. You are a truly amazing artist with great communication and a fantastic talent. - Hannah.

To be honest, I was overwhelmed at how you caught Zakk's likeness and there was so much attention to detail. It's truly such a lovely picture and I'm so grateful to you for doing him justice. Thanks again - Juney.

Dupe and Cooper

OMG Tricia! This is stunning! I can't believe how beautifully you have captured them and their relationship! I am truly impressed and cannot describe the beauty of your work and its such a skill to capture such characters and relationships without having ever met them in person! Just incredible! - Leah and Ed.

Mel and Archie

Oh, Trish, thank you so much, the portrait is amazing. You've totally caught the spirit of them. Both of my boys are instantly recognisable and it's utterly perfect. My whole family is blown away. Your drawing is truly a work of art and I am so pleased, I can't stop staring at it! I just want to drink in every tiny detail! - Vicky.

Sacha and Ellie

We are both amazed at your portrait of our wonderful retrievers Sacha and Ellie (sisters). When we saw it, we were both speechless with admiration. Having lost Sacha last year, you have brought her back to us in such a lovely way. And Ellie in your portrait is exactly as she always is, with her ears back and second in line - so very clever. THANK YOU. Alan and Zena.


Dear Tricia, Your portrait of our little King Charles is really excellent. You caught her look and expression absolutely perfectly. I also appreciated the speed and simplicity of the process - it was really a pleasure to work with you. Thank you so much for creating a wonderful family document. Sarah.


My Husband was absolutely thrilled with his present and Alfie's portrait has been greatly admired. So much admired, that I have passed your details on to various people who will be contacting you, I'm sure. Thank you very very much. Geraldine.

Bluebell and Peggy

Good morning Trish. Thank you very much for the beautiful charcoal drawings of our two donkeys Bluebell and Peggy. The finished drawings look so real and better than any photograph. They now take pride of place in our hallway at home for everyone to admire. We are so pleased, we are going to commission you to do two more of our German Shepherd Dogs. We do highly recommend you to anyone who loves animals as much as you do. - Bob and Barbara.

Zak and Toby

Dear Trisha. Thank you so much, you are amazing. You just understood our dogs without ever meeting them with their cheekiness. I commissioned other artists to paint portraits of our deceased dogs Zac and Toby and they were all unsuccessful in capturing their looks and personalities. But you have drawn them in perfect proportion and perfect likeness and made them come alive in the picture. In fact you did it so well, it brought tears to our eyes as soon as we saw the portrait. If I had to get another portrait done, I would not hesitate to ask you and I highly recommend you to anyone. - Vikki and Len.

Grace and Bentley

I just had to let you know that my husband was very emotional when he opened his present and saw what a beautiful portrait you had done of the "adorables". He was blown away by the detail you put into the portrait, as I was. We take loads of photos on our mobiles and for our PC, but the fact we can see it every day on the wall is so much nicer. Words can't express how delighted we are. Thank you again so very much. - Elaine


Thank you so much for the fantastic portrait of our black labrador Louie. You have captured his personality and character perfectly, and have a truly brilliant talent. It is now framed and hangs in pride of place in our hall - a fantastic surprise commission from our lovely daughter. Maria.


Dear Trish, I can't thank you enough for the wonderful picture of our much loved and missed Gypsy. It is lovely to look at her face once again and have her home. The response from my husband was one of sheer joy. Once again, thank you so much. Tracey.


Hi Trish. I have received the portraits safe and sound and am really very pleased with them. They are excellent, as always and you have really captured their personalities. Thank you very much, worth every penny. David.


Hi Trish. What a fantastic portrait of "Quest" you have done. He is beautifully captured, so expressive, it's so him. Thank you very much again. Caroline.


Thank you so much for the simply wonderful portrait of Digit. We love it! I have shown all our friends and they are so impressed at how talented you are. Vanessa and Steve.


I've been meaning to get in touch to tell you we had our portrait framed and hung in the hall. It looks perfect there - on view as soon as you enter the door. Thank you once again for our lovely portrait. Lin and Keith.


Just a quick note to say many thanks for the portrait of Blue. I was overcome with emotion when I first saw it. How you have managed to capture him in such a way is amazing. You truly have a fantastic talent and I can't thank you enough. Topsy.


Just a quick line to say again a very big thank you for the fantastic job you did on Espy's portrait! We have him framed and on the wall in our sitting room and he is like the Mona Lisa - those eyes follow you and don't miss a thing! You have an amazing talent and manage to reproduce the real essence of an animal. Thank you. - Sue

Henry Button

Thank you Tricia. I am SO LOVING the Henry Button portraits. I just keep staring at them! And all my friends are in awe of your talent. Unbelievable. Clive.


We are so delighted with the portrait of Hector as you have captured his serious and gentle personality so beautifully. You were so kind to show him in working mode by incorporating the pheasant, especially having to work from several amateur photos provided by me. And you achieved such a great likeness without seeing him until after the portrait was done. I was also very impressed that you had the picture completed in time for my husband's birthday, a wonderful and treasured gift! - Lynne.


Now that the frenzy of Christmas is over, I want to thank you for our GORGEOUS drawing of our beloved springer spaniel, Bella. You captured her eyes and 'fluffyness' brilliantly. The end result is so characterful, there is NO mistaking it is Bella. Can't wait to get her framed! Marcie and Simon.


I wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you so much again for the portrait you have done of Archie for us. Not only is the finished picture a stunningly true likeness, but you have so expertly captured his personality and spirit in a way I would not have believed possible - a masterpiece in our eyes! Kirsten and Mark.