My current waitlist

My current waitlist time in April is approx 4 months. The next available slot is in July 2024. If you would like to see my work and meet me in person, I am taking a stand at GOODWOOF 2024, the weekend of 18th and 19th May. I would in turn love to meet you and, of course, your DOG!

Animal portrait prices

The first thing that everyone asks when considering a pet portrait is, “How much will it cost”?

Hopefully, this page will give you the information you need, but if you aren’t sure what kind of portrait you would like, please go to my contact page and email me your photos. I will be happy to provide you with some ideas and options.

Please know that I consider every commission to be unique, and will willingly answer any questions and discuss your ideas.



A portrait in charcoal will provide you with a drawing that conveys a great deal of emotion. This medium is both strong and dynamic, and will add a more contemporary feel to your portrait. I work on heavyweight ivory white paper, with a focus on the subject only.

PLEASE NOTE: For all charcoal portraits, the sizing applies to the drawn area only. This means that if you allow for the surrounding undrawn space, your finished portrait will be approximately 2″ larger both vertically and horizontally.

Charcoal portraits for clients within the UK are delivered with a mount /matt surround, ready to frame. In order to reduce mailing/shipping costs, portraits going to international destinations are delivered unmounted/unmatted.

The prices below are for single portraits – for doubles or multiples, refer to the pricing options below.


A painting in pastel will suit you if you want to incorporate colour and perhaps more of a “story” in your portrait. I gradually build up many layers of colour to capture depth and tone, with sensitive mark-making to convey movement, texture, lights, darks … and true character.

Colour portraits in pastel are delivered unmounted/unmatted. They come carefully packed, with advice about aftercare and framing.

The prices below are for single portraits – for doubles or multiples, refer to the pricing options below.

Portrait prices

Size Charcoal Pastel
9″ x 7″ £225 N/A
8″ x 10″ £275 £295
8″ x 12″ £350 £375
10″ x 12″ £395 £450
16″ x 12″ £525 £600
18″ x 14″ £650 £750
20″ x 18″ £750 £850
24″ x 18″ £850 £950

Bespoke quotes apply to larger Commissions