Commission Process

My current waitlist

My current waitlist time in June is approx 3 – 4 months. The next available space is in September 2024. However, if you are looking for a portrait for a special occasion within this timeline, please do get in touch. No promises, but I do sometimes get ahead of myself and “may” be able to fit you in!

The commission process

Commissioning a portrait is a simple process, yet I always work hard to bring a high level of personalisation to your requirements. A portrait is, after all, a very special gift for yourself, for a loved one, or for a friend.

Our human and animal family are deeply precious to us, and an accurate and emotive portrait will not only evoke the happiest of memories, but will be treasured for many years.

My goal is to capture on paper that special essence and “soul” of your animal… that special undefinable quality that is beyond words. It is vitally important to me that you love your portrait. If you are not 100% satisfied, I guarantee that the balance payment will be waived.

I am always happy to answer any questions you may have, but I hope that the following information covers most of your most important and likely questions.

Please contact me via email or phone, if you would like to discuss an idea for a portrait.


Once you have expressed an interest in commissioning a portrait, we will discuss your ideas and preferences and decide upon the best design or way to capture your subject.

I work from photographs, which must be not only clear and sharp, but also sufficiently close up for me to see details. Please understand that I will always be entirely honest about the suitability of your photographs. My goal is always to provide you with the BEST portrait possible, and this may mean I make a few suggestions and send you some photography tips. If you don’t have your own photographs, I will be happy to undertake a photo shoot for you.

Costings for photo shoots are dependent on where you live and the time involved, starting at £40 if you’re within a 30 mile radius from Chichester. Beyond that, mileage is costed at 45p per mile. Or if you prefer, I am happy to undertake photo shoots here at my house.

Please note that for copyright reasons, I cannot work from the photograph of a professional photographer without their permission. So if you didn’t take the photographs you wish me to use, I will need to see written agreement from the photographer before I start work. I will always credit the photographer whenever I use an image on social media.

A non-refundable deposit (approx 25%) is required to secure the commission, with the balance due when the drawing is completed, and you are entirely satisfied. I guarantee that in the unlikely event that you aren’t 100% happy with your portrait, the balance will be waived.

I will provide you with an “Agreement” which outlines precisely what I am doing for you and when you will receive your portrait. Please note that both a booking and delivery time can only be secured once a deposit has been received.

If you wish me to quote for the framing of your portrait, I will be happy to do so as I have worked closely with a highly respected framer for many years. We will discuss your preferences and I will email you options to ensure you’re happy with the outcome. Please also factor in the courier costs for drawings/paintings behind glass.

For international destinations, whether your drawing is mounted/matted or not will depend on how big it is, since size restrictions apply to all international packages sent via Royal Mail postage. However this does not apply to FedEx shipping. Please ask and I can advise you further about this.

Please remember, to assist colour preservation, every piece of original artwork must always be kept away from both direct and indirect heat and sunlight.