“I love the challenge and satisfaction of bringing an image to life on paper. For me, great care and attention to detail bring a drawing or painting alive to convey my subject's unique character and personality. My aim is to produce a stand-alone unique piece of artwork that conveys more character, mood and emotion than the photograph it was drawn from.”

Welcome to my world...

I have always loved to draw, and even at a young age, I used to mark myself out of 10, sparking an ongoing dialogue with my inner critic that continues to this day!

I’m a self-taught artist, with a deep passion for the creative process. In the early days, I painted the world around me. My itchy feet led me all over the world, with gallery representation in London, Hong Kong, and Hawaii, USA. However I’ve been based on the coast in West Sussex for a while now, where the South Downs and the sea inspire me to explore the very personal and emotional process on which the creative moment is based.

Having enjoyed an outdoorsy childhood surrounded by animals, it felt totally natural to step into the world of animal portraiture in 2011. I cannot imagine our world without animals, and firmly believe that the love we share is like no other.

However no creative journey can stand still, and I have recently expanded my practice to include human portraits, as well as portraits of houses/buildings. I so enjoy the variety this brings, and every commission brings a fresh and exciting challenge.

My studio sits at the bottom of my garden. It is my “happy place” where I settle down to create, with the birds twittering outside, and my Romanian Rescue dog “Lola” beside me. She is a seasoned Studio Assistant, so much of her time is either spent adjusting her position to catch the sunshine, or hogging the radiator!