Welcome to my world .... a reflection of my love for both animals and "mankind in general" .... combined with a deep passion for the creative process.

Now based in West Sussex, my creative career began over 25 years ago. As a self-taught artist, I have always painted and drawn what I love, so travel, dramatic landscapes and the great outdoors all featured prominently in my work. I had itchy feet and my adventures led me to exhibit in Hong Kong and Honolulu, Hawaii, as well as here on my home turf in London.

However, I have always also had a great passion for animals and I am hugely inspired by their place in our hearts and in our lives. I grew up in the countryside, with a large furry menagerie, and was lucky enough to ride my pony pretty much every day. I now have a Rescue Dog called Lola, and she is my dearest friend!

In 2011, I stepped into the world of animal portraiture and have honestly not looked back. I have had the honour of creating animal portraits for clients both in the UK and all over the world. Using the strong and dynamic medium of charcoal, as well as the fabulous range of colour found in soft pastel, I have honed my skills and work hard to capture the "essence" of an animal, as well as his/her physical characteristics.

However, every artistic journey benefits from a new direction and fresh adventures, and so my practice has recently extended to work with humans. I love the energy this new adventure is bringing to my practice, and am as excited to "get to know" a person (or people!) as I am to "get to know" a much-loved animal.

My studio sits at the bottom my garden....... it is my sanctuary and there is nothing I love more than to settle down with a portrait, with the birds twittering outside, and Lola beside me.

I hope you enjoy the examples displayed on my gallery pages...... all enquires are welcome!

x Trish


“I love the challenge and satisfaction of bringing an image to life on paper. For me, great care and attention to detail bring a drawing or painting alive to convey my subject's unique character and personality.

My aim is to produce a stand-alone unique piece of artwork that conveys more character, mood and emotion than the photograph it was drawn from.”