Portraits you will always treasure...

I am a UK-based fine artist who creates distinctive drawings and paintings of animals and people (and houses!) from photographs.

I apply that old adage, “it’s all in the detail” to every piece I create. My goal is to capture not only my subject’s physical characteristics, but also their unique personality and “essence”. After all, a piece of art should make you “feel” something!

Whether a portrait is a gift for a loved one, or in memoriam, it feels as if a relationship develops between us. We become friends and I can honestly say that “I never forget a face”.

I work with high quality materials and put my all into creating an emotive and accurate portrait to be treasured for many years to come. Every commission is  a privilege, and I am constantly grateful for, and touched by, the delighted responses from clients all over the world.

I very much hope you enjoy browsing here, and I would be thrilled to hear about any ideas you may have.