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I am a UK-based professional fine artist who creates distinctive drawings and paintings of animals and people from photographs.

The old adage, “It's all in the detail” certainly applies and my goal is to capture not only the physical characteristics, but also the unique personality and "essence" of my subject. I genuinely find with every drawing and painting that it is almost as if a relationship develops between us. We become friends and I can honestly say that "I never forget a face".

I make sure I work with high quality materials and put my heart and soul into creating a truly emotive and accurate portrait  that you can treasure for many years to come.  I can honestly say I consider it an honour every time I am commissioned to capture a much adored family member, whether they be human or furry.  And I am constantly touched by the delighted responses from clients all over the world.

What medium to choose  ...?

A portrait in charcoal will provide you with a drawing that conveys lots of emotion. This medium is both strong and dynamic and it will add a more contemporary feel to your portrait. I work on heavyweight ivory white paper, with a focus on the subject only.

However, a painting in pastel will suit you if you want to incorporate colour and perhaps more of a "story" in your portrait.  I gradually build up many layers of colour to capture depth and tone, with sensitive mark-making to convey movement, texture, lights, darks .... and true character.  

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